There are different types of casino games played in various casinos, where people bet for earning quick money. Mega Moolah Slots is one such casino game that is also fondly called ‘The Millionaire Maker’, due to the possibility of earning large amounts of money here. Many people spend the entire night in the casinos, for playing this game to become very rich. However, it is essential for the common players to know the exact rules of this game, for winning large sums of money here. They need to know the important Mega Moolah tips for fulfilling their dreams of winning huge amounts of money in this casino game.

Mega Moolah slots

Mega Moolah General Information:

  • Mega Moolah Jackpots are available online with various kinds of themes that make the game most interesting and fun-filled for the players. It has five reels and 25 pay lines, as well as 125 slots to provide wide range of scopes for the players of this game.
  • The main symbols used on the face cards of this game are  Wild Multiplier symbol and Scatter symbol, based on which  even the jackpot rounds and free bonus games are also played.
  • The players can bet with maximum 5 coins at one time for playing at any stage of this casino game. There is hardly any chance of damages in this game, due to the facilitating rules imposed in this game.
  • mega moolah wild symbol The symbol of Lion  is considered as a Wild Multiplier Symbol and the rule states that the player will get double payment if this specific symbol is seen on any position of the reels. This symbol can easily form the substitute for any other symbol exhibited on the reels, to give out the winning combinations for the players. When 2 or more Lion symbols are seen on any pay line, it is considered as a winning combination as well, as per the Regular Symbols Payout Rule.
  • Mega Moolah Scatter SymbolThere is no system of offering any substitute for the Scatter Symbol, among which the figure of Monkey is included. As the scatter symbol cannot be replaced with a Wild Multiplier Symbol, the players can get the winning combination of symbols only one time for each pay line. The Monkey Symbol needs not be present on any definite pay line for winning the game.
  • As the Monkey Symbol appears for more than 2 times on anywhere of the five reels played at a time, the player is instantly declared a winner in that pay line, as a vital rule of this game.
  • If the player gets the picture of Monkey for more than thrice on the reels, he is awarded a free spin bonus game. The winning amounts of these free bonus rounds are automatically collected in the game.
  • If the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is pressed to be activated, the player will be able to play multiple rounds of Mega Moolah Jackpots game. The winners of ordinary combinations are instantly paid out after each game; but the winners of Scatter symbols on any position of the reels are paid distinctly.
  • The players do not need to pay any deposit money for starting this popular casino game and they only need to follow the important Mega Moolah tips for winning easily. There are multiple options of winning rewards and huge jackpot money for the successful players. But they need to maintain the discipline that ensures their success in this online game.
  • When the Free Spin session is rewarded to the player on the appearance of 3 or more Monkey Symbols on his reels, he can play 15 free spins in that specific round. However, the Jackpot round is not allowed to be activated during this free spin round. The player needs to touch the button with the caption ‘Start Free Spins’ on his screen. The free spins are then automatically initiated and all the winning amounts of this round are added to the total winning amount of the player. Once this round is over, the player is back on the normal mode of the game.
  • There are options of automatic spins in this game, if the player wishes to take a bit rest while the game is on. But he needs to select the number of pay lines for betting and the coin for inserting to start the game. Then he can press the ‘Autoplay’ mode and leave it to the system for doing the rest of job for him.